Distribution of laboratory equipment, reagents and devices.
  • Training, Demonstration and Technical support.
  • Equipment installation and technical support.
The companies we represent are stakeholders in our success and rely on us to:
  • Represent them efficiently and promote their brand image in Portugal;
  • Market their products, carry out marketing plans and provide all logistical support (storage and distribution) needed for that purpose;
  • Ensure compliance with Best Distribution Practices in the performance of our activities;
  • Provide the companies we represent with all necessary information, granting them access to our facilities for visiting and carrying out quality audits, as applicable;
  • Guarantee the professionalism and competency of all our employees.
In organisational terms, the company operates according to a strategy led by business areas and a mixed approach to marketing / application of our (technical-scientific) products.
Our main clients are Public Hospitals, Health Clinics, Laboratories and Universities.