Life Science

Enzifarma is the distributor for the brands ABDOS, Falcon-Corning, ibidi e Takara-Bio (Clontech–Takara) in Portugal.

Their product lines include top quality equipment for cell culture, microscopy functional cell-based assays, molecular biology as well as general laboratory supplies.

Enzifarma S.A. is a leading solution provider for the Healthcare industry, namely for the laboratory sector.
Our headquarters and main offices are located in Lisbon but our logistic services are based in Porto, as well as our application laboratory and showroom. Enzifarma S.A. is the Portuguese distributor for a number of leading brands that guarantee our presence in the following sectors:
In the field of Life Sciences: Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Cell Culture, Pharmaceutical Research.
Our product portfolio spans a wide gamut of technical solutions and tools for the sectors of genomics, cell biology, cell culture and cell differentiation, as well as pharmaceutical research. We deal with market-leading brands as well as innovative emerging brands of proven quality and reliability that drive technological advancements in life science research.
Our Takara Bio portfolio includes kits, reagents and services for research on gene discovery, regulation and function as well as stem cell differentiation.
Cellartis: Tools and systems for differentiation of stem cells;
Clontech: New Generation Sequencing (NGS) – PCR – CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing – Cloning – cDNA synthesis system – Mammal Genetic expression system – Yeast two-hybrid system – Protein purification;
IBL: ELISA kits and antibodies, Alzheimer’s disease, inflammation, cancer, cytokines and metabolism;
Takara: PCR and QPCR enzymes – Restriction and modification enzymes – Epigenetics – Protein expression – Retronectin.
ibidi® GmbH, is a leading supplier of functional cell-based assays and products for cell microscopy. ibidi’s range of products offers solutions for classic cell culturing, and also complex assays (e.g., angiogenesis, chemotaxis, and wound healing).
With regard to cell culture, we represent Corning, a provider of products and solutions for all stages of growth and differentiation of a wide range of cell types.
Our product portfolio ranges from high quality Falcon disposable plasticware, to differentiated surfaces, to culture media and extracellular matrices and innovative 3D culture systems that mimic the ideal environment for cell growth and differentiation enabling the cells to develop in vivo-like behaviours and functionalities.
Models based on 3D culture have been instrumental in scientific advances and discoveries in many fields of research, including cancer research, cell growth and differentiation, stem cell biology, Immunology, and Neurobiology.
In the field of pharmaceutical R&D, we represent Corning Gentest, the first company to market human cytochrome P450 enzymes expressed in cDNA, market leader in in vitro xenobiotic metabolism research and drug transport techniques.
We also represent Abdos, a pioneer in the production of TPX plasticware for the laboratory, now available on the Portuguese market through Enzifarma.
Abdos product lines enriched and complemented our previous laboratory equipment portfolio, namely with their centrifuge tubes and microtubes, tips, micropipettes, cryopreservation equipment, microscopy equipment, racks and multipurpose boxes, petri dishes and other general-purpose lab materials.