Flow Cytometry

Enzifarma is the Portuguese distributor for


World market leader in equipment and reagents for Flow Cytometry. Including IVD reagents and research reagents, such as Pharmingen.

Enzifarma S.A is a leading solution provider for the healthcare industry, importing and marketing solutions for laboratory use.
Our headquarters and main offices are located in Lisbon but our warehouse operation is based in Porto, where we also have a branch office providing administrative support to the marketing, storage and distribution processes.
Flow Cytometry – Cell Analysis and Separation
We are distributors for BD Bioscience – the world leader in R&D in Flow Cytometry equipment and reagents, which offers a breadth of solutions in the field of cell analysis and separation by Flow Cytometry.
Analyses are performed through morphological and phenotypical analysis of the cells.
These techniques provide great speed and sensitivity.
The EuroFlow Consortium has published recommendations and guidelines regarding the use of equipment and reagents, as well as procedures and protocols in this field. These recommendations point out BD Biosciences reagents as those that best match the requirements of differential diagnosis using this technology.
Leukaemia, lymphoma and other pathologies, namely haematological pathologies, can and should be studied in a consensual and standardized way, at least within the EU.
In as far as regards other pathologies, the isolation of normal and pathological cells is crucial, which, a posteriori and when combined with Molecular Biology and FISH, allows for more accurate and reliable diagnosis and prognosis.
Enzifarma provides a number of Flow Cytometry technical solutions, building on a vast experience in the monitoring of HIV patients (e.g. CD4 T lymphocyte count), valuable techniques for therapeutic orientation that require specialised centres.
All these solutions involve equipment, reagents, software and training – which we are prepared to deliver.
Enzifarma has recently created a laboratory of applications in its Porto facilities and put together a team of experts dedicated to provide in-house and on-site support to applications in the laboratories of our customers.
Os grandes objectivos da Enzifarma S.A para a próxima década será então, inovar na área laboratorial.
Trabalhamos para ser a única empresa a nível nacional com capacidade e know-how para auxiliar, implementar e acompanhar, com uma solução global estas áreas laboratoriais.
Mas para tal, e tendo em conta o sistema de saúde português, com as limitações em investimento e autorização para aquisição de novos equipamentos e soluções inovadoras.
A Enzifarma, considera estrategico o investimento nesta área e disponibiliza-se para encontrar soluções com todos os potenciais clientes que pretendam implementar esta tecnologia.