About Us


Enzifarma S.A is a company that operates in the area of ​​Health, namely in the import and commercialization of solutions for the laboratory area.

o Our headquarters and main offices are located in Lisbon but our warehouse operation is based in Porto, where we also have a branch office that provides administrative support to marketing, storage and distribution processes


Enzifarma was founded in 1996 and its activities are organised around three main areas:

Flow Cytometry

Life Science

Pathological anatomy


The management of Enzifarma – Diagnostica e Farmacêutica, S.A states our mission as follows:

Always strive for efficiency and diligence – holding our suppliers to the same standards – in order to reach and preserve a leading market position and the highest quality of our products and services, with the goal of satisfying society in general and all stakeholders, namely our customers, our shareholders and the brands we represent.

Therefore, we must embrace the following general principles:

When dealing with customers: do our best to learn, anticipate and fulfil our customers’ needs, thereby building strong and stable relationships.


Innovation: We are always invested in offering our customers the most innovative and creative methods, products and services.

Renovation: Technology made available to our customers.

Therefore, we must embrace the following general principles:

The management of Enzifarma S.A pledges to: Be fully engaged at all times; nurture our employees’ motivation; ensure the conditions necessary for the successful implementation of our policies regarding quality and its continuous improvement; act in compliance with ISO 9001, best distribution practices (BDP) and all legal requirements.

General Engagement: All employees without exceptions must be involved in the decision-making process.

Professionalism: We are proud of our work. We adhere to the most demanding quality standards with full process transparency and a team spirit that rewards commitment and initiative.